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CAE/CPE Writing: Planning and Completion


This is a lesson plan to based around a 6 point plan for CAE/CPE writing tasks. It is designed to help students plan their compositions better and complete the tasks fully. The example is a CPE task but the system is applicable to FCE and CAE as well.

You will need the prezi, and the handout.

The prezi will walk students through the 6 step system. Included in the prezi are several scanned documents of each planning stage. Below I have included my example review and the various scanned documents in case you want to print them or project them individually.

My BBC review – This is the example from the end of the prezi, you may want to print it and give it out to students to evaluate in pairs.

cpe writing tasks part 2 – These are the writing tasks

Writing tasks, content underlined – These are the writing tasks with the content points underlined: Step 1

writing plan paragraphs – This is the planning page with paragraph titles: Step 2

writing plan stage 3 – This is the planning page with ideas: Step 3

writing plan after HOW – This is the planning stage with grammar and vocab: Step 4

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