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2Ts in a Pod: Cambridge First (FCE) Mini-Series


I haven’t even had time to keep up with the posts about each episode of our podcast. Terribly neglectful of me. Towards the end of last year we did a little mini series on the Cambridge B2 First or whatever it’s called these days (Cambridge keep changing the name). We looked at most parts of the exam; have a listen by following the links below:

FCE General Tips

2Ts Episode 18 – FCE tips by 2Ts in a pod

FCE Speaking

2Ts – Episode 20 – FCE Speaking by 2Ts in a pod

FCE Reading

2Ts – Episode 21 – FCE Reading by 2Ts in a pod

FCE Use of English

2Ts Episode 27 – FCE (Use of English) by 2Ts in a pod


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