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CAE Speaking Part 2



This is an activity focused on getting students to make speculations about photographs in preparation for part 2 of the CAE speaking. In part 2 you will also be required to compare and contrast the photos, I intend to cover that in a future post. The main aims of this activity is to ensure that students are comfortable with various different phrases for speculating.

Divide the class into teams (2-3 per team). Give out this handout. Go through the language to make sure that it is all clear. The handout contains some typical questions that require speculation from the CAE speaking part 2 and present and past speculation phrases.

Typical Questions:

How might the people be feeling?

What might they be thinking?

Why are they doing this?

What has just happened?



They could/might/may be…………..

They can’t be………………..

They must be…………………

Perhaps they…………..

They look as if they……………….

Their expressions suggest that……………….


They could/might/may have just + past participle (very recent events)

They can’t have just + past participle (very recent events)

They must have just + past participle (very recent events)

Perhaps they have…………..

They look as if they have……………….

Project this prezi on to the board (or print out the pictures)

The prezi contains a series of individual photos. Each team has 2 minutes to make as many speculations as they can. For every correctly structured sentence they receive 1 point, they will also receive 5 bonus points if they manage to use all of the phrases on the handout. The idea is that they are forced to use different structures thus showing a wider range of language to the examiner.

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CAE Formal Letter of Complaint

complaint box

Just a quick note…

Before you use these materials… We’ve created a new podcast aimed at B2+ level English students and teachers alike. You can listen for free at our SoundCloud page below. We have released 5 episodes so far and you can download teacher’s notes to accompany them from our Facebook page or from this blog. All comments and feedback welcome! Give us a like and a share 😉

This is a lesson plan designed to prepare students to tackle formal letter of complaint tasks that can come up in both parts of the CAE writing paper.

Here is the link to the first handout which contains an example of a formal letter of complaint on page 2. Page 3 has the task the students will complete, which is referred to in the prezi.

Here is the link to the prezi, and here is the handout that goes with it.

Enjoy! Please leave feedback if you use it in class.