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Webinar: Exams Catalunya Conference Saturday 27th February 11am

I’ll be giving a free webinar as part of the Exams Catalunya online conference this coming Saturday the 27th February at 11am Spain time. The talk will focus on tweaks and hacks to get the most out of materials. Sign up by following the link below, and also check out all the other great talks the conference is offering!

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New Look = New Content

I’ve been a bit quiet for a while now due to work commitments but I want to make an effort to get back into updating the blog so I’m going to try to post as often possible. I’ve got a backlog of lesson plans that need uploading and I might also start more general teaching blog posts rather than just lesson plans and materials.

I’ve also been fiddling around with the look of the site. Thought about changing the whole theme but ended up just fiddling with the fonts and colours. Does it look horrible???




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Podcast Brainstorming

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Hi followers, a friend, fellow teacher and sound engineer contacted me recently about starting a podcast! Being a massive fan of the genre I jumped at the offer and we’re aiming to start in the new year. The aim is to make it something accessible for students rather than a TEFL podcast for teachers. We’d like to release a 30-minute show every two weeks. The idea would be to have short recurring segments but also longer features on specific topics and activities; some of the ideas we’ve got so far include:

  • Jokes
  • Expression of the day
  • Exposure to different accents and dialects
  • Interviews with near-peer role models
  • Current affairs pieces
  • Debates
  • Film/music/book reviews
  • Investigative journalism

So I thought I’d throw it open to you guys, we welcome your help and suggestions. The main points we want suggestions for are:

  • Content, features, recurring segements
  • A name for the podcast! Can’t think of any! (We’ve already thought of Poddy McPodcastface)

All suggestions welcome!!

Love from Tim, Ben and Katy!

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New Year, New Job

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Just a quick post to let you know that I have recently changed jobs. I’m now working as Assistant Director of Studies in the extra-scholar department of International House Barcelona. I want to say a big thank you to all my colleagues from CIC, I’ve had a wonderful time working there and I’ve learnt so much and made some great friends.

This may mean a drop-off in productivity when it comes to blog posts, I sincerely hope not and I’ll do my best to keep up the output. I may also branch out into posts discussing the various challenges I will invariably face in my new role. Thanks to all those who have left lovely comments or even donated a few euros, it’s all very much appreciated. Onwards and upwards!