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TEFLtastic Blog

Just stumbled upon the TEFLtastic blog and it’s full of amazing materials. I’ve added it to my blogroll and I’m going to be using a lot of their great FCE speaking materials this year. Check it out.

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Macmillan’s free online resources are amazing!!

Thanks to my colleague Raquel Gomez for introducing me to Macmillan’s amazing database of resources:

She focused specifically on the pragmatics section in a seminar she recently gave in my school. She ran an experiment last year using the materials to boost scores for FCE and CAE speaking exams so I’m going to try them out for myself today, starting with this one on agreeing and disagreeing:

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New Tools and Websites

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Here are links to a few new tools and websites I’ve discovered or been introduced to over the past few days.


Kahoot is a great site where teacher’s can design quizzes and surveys that students can play on their mobile devices in class. It makes for fast, frantic and fun classes with competitive, engaged students. I’m definitely going to be putting this one to the test this term.


A great site offering texts in a number of different languages with instant translations, simply click on the word you don’t understand and the translation appears above it. The site then generates a flashcard set based on the words you’ve clicked on.