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Warmer: Dumb Headlines

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Saw this on Facebook and thought it’d make a fun warmer for higher levels. It’s probably best to black out the one in the top right!!!

Print them, hand them out and ask:

Why are they dumb?

Why are they funny?

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Warmer: Knock knock jokes


This is a warmer to start the class to introduce knock knock jokes and get students talking, interacting and hopefully laughing.

Here is the handout:knock-knock-jokes

First use the 2 examples to teach students the structure of the jokes. Be sure to teach students the phrases:

“I get it.”/”I don’t get it.” – I understood the joke.

Then give out the jokes (some are duplicated so give them out to students on different sides of the class) have students circulate and tell each other their jokes. Students discuss which one is their favourite.