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Role Models

Topic discussion based on the idea of role models and setting good or bad examples.

Target language:

Role Model (good / bad)

To admire / look up to someone

To set an example (good / bad)

To be a good / bad influence


Put this picture of Paris Hilton on the board.

What do you think of Paris Hilton?

Is she a good role model? Why? Why not?

Does she set a good example for teenagers / children?

Democratic Convention

Put the picture of Michelle Obama on the board and ask the same questions.

Brainstorm language for good / bad role models.

Here are some examples, give out dictionaries if the students have trouble.

Bad Role Models Good Role Models 
Selfish / tight-fisted Unselfish,
Greedy generous
Arrogant / self centred / full of himself Modest / humble
untrustworthy trustworthy
Bad-tempered / moody Easy going
dishonest honest
Lazy Hard-working

In Groups of 3-4 discuss these questions.

Who was your most important role model when you were a child? Who did you look up to / admire?

Who is your most important role model now?

Do you think you are a good role model?

Who do you think was a good / bad influence on you when you were a child?

Were you a good / bad influence on your friends?

Students report back to teacher.

Print a set of the following pictures for each group:!231&authkey=!AFCzgQzYumAa1Ng

In groups students answer the following questions referring to each picture:

Do people admire or look up to this person?

Is he or she a good role model? Why? Why not?

Does he / she set a good example? Why? How?

Is he / she a good influence on society?

Wrap up

Open the discussion up to the class and see if there are any differences of opinion. Get students to justify their opinions.