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Community spirit conversation class


Easy conversation class based on the idea of community spirit in a big city.

Download the handout here:!266&authkey=!AFJyOwVMUBU-YqE

Split the class into small groups and tell them to discuss the questions.

Then have a feedback session, some questions generate some interesting discussion, for example: whether or not to confront a burglar.

Which neighbourhood of the city do you live in?

Have you always lived in this part or did you use to live in a different part?

If so which do you prefer and why?

How many of your neighbours do you know personally?

Do you invite them to parties or to dinner?

Do you give them Christmas presents or cards?

Do you have any annoying neighbours?

Have your neighbours ever woken you up by having a party or playing loud music? What did you do?

Do you help each other with things? For example do they look after your pets when you go on holiday?

Do you have an annual festival in your neighbourhood? What happens? Do you usually go?

Do you feel a sense of community spirit?

How much crime is there in your area? Do you feel safe?

Have you ever been a victim of crime in your area? What about your neighbours?

What would you do if a burglar broke into your house? Would you confront them?

What would you do if you saw someone breaking into your neighbour’s house?

What would you do if you saw tourists on the metro with their handbags open and their wallets in their back pockets? Would you warn them about pick-pockets?

What would you do if you saw someone having their pockets picked?

Has anyone ever tried to pick your pocket? Did they succeed?

What would you do if you saw someone asleep on the metro near the end of the metro line? Would you wake them up? Would it make a difference if they were a man or woman? Young or old?

What would you do if you saw a fight in the street? Would you try and stop it?

What would you do if you saw some children bullying another child in the street or in the park?

What would you do if a group of teenagers were having a party in the street outside your house and keeping you awake?


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