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Lance Armstrong: Cheating conversation plan


This is a conversation lesson plan for B1 upwards based around disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong and the topic of cheating.

Download the powerpoint here:!303&authkey=!ALG8a95Emk_-Qk4

Lesson plan:

Show slide 2, put the students in groups and have them tell Lance’s story, encourage them to use all the vocabulary on the screen.

Show slide 3, here you have lots of different quotes on the subject of cheating, have the students discuss each one in pairs. Here are the quotes:

•“If everyone else is cheating, it’s stupid not to.”
•“When you cheat, the only person you’re cheating is yourself.”
•“Winning is all that matters.”
•“It’s the taking part that counts.”
•“All cheats deserve lifetime bans.”
•“If there were no controls or punishments, everyone would cheat.”
•“You aren’t sorry you cheated, you’re sorry you got caught.”
•“Cheats never prosper.”
•“All performance enhancing drugs should be legalised, then we could see what the human body is really capable of.”
•“Being a good cheat is a positive quality in today’s society.”
•“ If you cheat in an exam you should receive a zero.”
•“Cheating is human nature.”
•“Some of the most influential people in today’s society cheated and robbed their way to the top.”
•“Cheating is a growing problem in sport.”
Encourage them to use different language of agreement and disagreement. Download my handout on this language here:
Show slide 3. This slide conatins a series of “what if” situations, have the students discuss them in groups saying what they would do.
1.You are playing football. It is the 90th minute of the match. Your team win a corner, the ball comes in, you try to head it but it hits your head and then your hand and flies into the goal. Nobody sees that it hit your hand, your teammates run over to congratulate you.
2.2 days before your final exam a classmate comes to you with a copy of the exam paper. He offers it to you for €50. He says that all of your other classmates have bought a copy except one.
3.You go to a charity event to raise money for food for hungry children in Africa. At the event they have a raffle. You bump into someone by accident and you both drop your tickets on the floor. The tickets are accidently swapped. You win a 5 star Caribbean holiday in the raffle but on your way to collect your prize you realise that it is not your ticket.
4.You are a professional cyclist. Last year you finished 10th in the tour de France, the year before 11th and the year before that 15th. A doctor comes to your gym one day saying that he has developed a new performance enhancing drug that cannot be detected by any type of doping test. He wants 50% of any future prize money you make in exchange for the drug.
5.You are a tennis player. 2 weeks before a big match at the US open you get a call from an umpire. He says that he is going to be the umpire for your match, he insinuates that if you pay him a bribe he will “help” you during the match.
Feedback session with whole class based on their responses to the situations.
Wrap up:
Who was the most honest / dishonest in your group?
Who was the biggest cheat?


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