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CAE Letter of application template


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CAE Letter of Application

This is a lesson plan to set up a CAE letter of application for students who are just starting to study for the CAE. I encourage students to use set frames and learn impressive sentences by heart to use again and again. Let me know what you think of this strategy in the comments.

I’ve just started using Prezi instead of powerpoint and I love it, mainly for the fact that it seems to have a hypnotic effect on my teenage students which makes them actually pay attention.

Here is the link to my prezi:

Here are the frames from the prezi which you can print out and give to the students.

Paragraph 1:

I am writing in response to your advertisement in ______________ (name of publication from task). I am interested in applying for the role of ________________ (name of job)

Paragraph 2:

As you will see from my attached CV, I have spent the last _______ (number) years at ____________(workplace). During this period I was promoted from _____________(crap job) to the position of ____________ (great job). I was responsible for ____________ (verb in gerund) and ____________, as well as _____________ and _____________. I had the privilege / opportunity to learn / improve / develop ___________ and ____________.

Paragraph 3:

Given the experience I have acquired at __________________ (workplace), I consider myself well-equipped to respond to the challenge of working in your _____________. I feel I have the necessary personal qualities to deal with the demands of the post. For instance, I see myself as a ____________ (adjective) person who works well under pressure. My experience working with ______________ (people / animal / computers etc.) at ___________________ (workplace) has helped me to be more ____________ (adj) and _______________ (adj).

Paragraph 4:

I would therefore be grateful if you could consider my application. I am available for interview between the ________ and the ________ of _________. I look forward to hearing from you.

Taking all this into account, I hope that you will consider my application.  I am available for interview between the ________ and the ________ of _________. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application, I hope you will consider me for the post.  I am available for interview between the ________ and the ________ of _________. I look forward to hearing from you.

Note: Students are likely to love this homework assignment because you’ve basically written the composition for them. Therefore, it’s important to work on the fixed impressive phrases in future classes. You can do that using this scrambled sentence quizlet set:


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  1. Thanks for your help. Although I’m not a teenage student, I find your samples quite usefull

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