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CPE Report

This is a handout with as much language and advice possible for approaching the CPE writing part 2 report tasks. I made it for my December candidates, fingers crossed they actually read it!

You can download the handout here: CPE Report

CPE Report


Formal, impersonal, cold and factual.


·         Contractions

·         Colourful language (gorgeous/stunning/awesome etc.)

·         Informal phrasal verbs (meet up/break down/check out etc.)

·         “I/we think….” (too personal)

Forms and Conventions:

Title: Report into …….

Paragraph Titles: Introduction, Strengths, Weaknesses, Conclusion. (for example)


Fixed introduction: The aim of this report is to evaluate/put forward ideas for/examine etc.

Planning, 6 step system:

1.        Read task, underline content points.

2.        Decide paragraph titles. Are they obvious from the task? Or do you have to be creative. Maximum of 5 paragraphs.

3.        WHAT do you want to say? Add your notes to each paragraph in simple form.

4.        HOW are you going to say that? Brainstorm advanced grammar and vocabulary for each note.

5.        Forms and conventions: Title paragraph titles, fixed introduction.

6.        Write! Remember word limit is: 280-320


The purpose/aim of this report is to….

This report sets out to…

The report will comment on…

Below is an explanation of…

The focus of this report is…

This report will offer an in depth critique of…

Fake survey/questionnaire:

It can be a good idea to base the report on a survey/questionnaire.

This report will present the findings of/This report is based on the findings/results of an extensive survey carried out by…

Ending Introduction:

It will go on to give recommendations regarding…

Expressing general opinions/info:

….is considered/thought/said to be

…is highly regarded in (place)…(good reputation)

There is widespread agreement that…

Opinions are divided regarding…

It is common knowledge that…

Recent research indicates that…

Interviewees who had first-hand knowledge of the situation stated…

There is considerable disagreement regarding

Comparing and Contrasting

There is a world of difference between… and…

… and… are fundamentally similar

… and… bear little resemblance to each other

There is a clear distinction between… and…

compares favourably with…

… and… are polar opposites

There is a yawning gap between… and…

There is a subtle difference between… and…

There is a growing disparity between rich and poor.

… is strikingly different to…


…’s advantages clearly outweigh its disadvantages.





Giving Recommendations:

-In light of the above, we believe the following

measures should be adopted…

-In the short/long term, we suggest you should


-My recommendations are as follows:…

-In my view, in future, we should…

-To improve the situation, we recommend…

-It is recommended that…


-To sum up,…To conclude,…

-I hope that the plan outlined/presented in this

report meets with your approval…

-I hope that the recommendations outlined/

presented in this report will receive your serious


Should the recommendations outlined in this report be carried out, I have no doubt that …. Will be a resounding success.


Grammar check list

Have you included?

·         An inversion (not only/no sooner/seldom)

·         An inverted conditional (Were we to…)

·         A participle clause (Being…/Having gone…)

·         A double comparative (The more we… the more)

·         A cleft sentence (What is most crucial is…)

·         Linkers (Nevertheless/despite/due to/consequently)

·         Impressive verbs (bring about change/undergo development)


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  1. Thank you Tim, I’ll gratefully share this page with my C2 students. You ask for comments- I especially agree with the “Have you included” section- so often students think they are doing their best but do not take the opportunity to show off specific grammar or vocabulary points that demonstrate c2 ability.

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