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Phrasal Verb Test FCE

This is a worksheet based on this quizlet set of essential phrasal verbs for FCE:

Download the worksheet here:

Phrasal verb test FCE

Phrasal verb test

Replace the words in brackets or complete the sentence with a phrasal verb:

  1. John and Sarah have (separated) after 20 years of marriage.
  2. I ______ up with a great idea for the summer party.
  3. We arrived at the hotel ______ ___ and had a shower.
  4. He has decided to ______ _____ ____ (smoke less) cigarettes.
  5. I brought her some flowers to _______ her____ . (make her happier)
  6. My dog went to the vet’s and they ____ ____ out some tests on him. (did)
  7. The teacher was so angry that she threw a pen at me, but after a few minutes she _____ ______. (became less angry)
  8. After his parents died his grandparents had to _____ him _____. (educate, feed, protect)
  1. We were talking on the phone when suddenly it _____ _____. (disconnected)
  2. Scientists think that the woolly mammoth ______ ______ 100,000 years ago. (became extinct)
  3. My mum _____ me _____ at school in her BMW every morning. (leaves me)
  4. John and Danny _____ _____ last week and haven’t spoken to each other since. (had a big argument)
  5. The builders are ______ ____ our house at the moment. (renovating/redecorating)
  6. I passed all my exams! I ______ ______ yesterday. (discovered)
  7. If you want to get a visa to go to the USA you have to _____ _____ lots of forms. (complete)
  8. The man who stole my bicycle ____ _____ from the police. (escaped)


  1. broken up
  2. came
  3. checked in
  4. cut down on
  5. cheer up
  6. carried out
  7. calmed down
  8. brought up
  1. cut off
  2. died out
  3. drops off
  4. fell out
  5. doing up
  6. found out
  7. fill in/out
  8. got away


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2 thoughts on “Phrasal Verb Test FCE

  1. Hi Tim,

    I think the third sentence in the first exercise above should have a comma after the word ‘hotel’.
    E.g. We arrived at the hotel, checked in and had a shower.

    Likewise, I think the number seventh sentence in the second exercise should also have a comma after the word ‘USA’.

    Hope you can clarify.

    Thank you.


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