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Collaborative Speaking: Planning the School Trip

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This is a collaborative speaking task for B1+ students in which they decide how they would spend €2500 on a trip to London for their class. Download the powerpoint below.

Collaborate and Negotiate

Put students in groups of 3-4, project the powerpoint. Explain the situation to them: They have to decide how they are going to spend €2500 they have for a class trip to London. The money has to cover their transport, accommodation and activities. They need to reach a decision about how to spend the money and give reasons for their answer. Will they travel by bus? Which takes longer but costs a lot less. Will they stay in a 5* hotel? Or will they slum it in a 1* hostel and save the money for the VIP activity package? Give students a few minutes to make each decision and then present their choice and reasons to the group.

Follow up

Students write an FCE style review or report on the their trip to London.



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