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An Open Letter to all TEFL/ESL Teachers

The New Me - Life After Uni


Dear Fellow TEFL/ESL Teachers,

I am writing this in the hope of support and help from fellow ESL teachers around the world. I am sorry if this becomes longer than hoped.

Recently I have been researching TEFL courses for a friend as she can’t afford the CELTA that I did. I realised how little there is of realiable information. A lot of it is true but many seem to be written written for the benefit for the company, rather than for the person reading it. Thus causing lots of contradictions from post to post and making it very confusing.
So I have started to try and help answer questions and give personal and impartial advice to those who ask for it. A Facebook group seemed a good idea and was a popular idea. Thus I have just set one up.

I hope that in the future this group can be…

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Barcelona based English Teacher, blogger and sometime actor and director.

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