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CAE Writing Part 2: Phrase Sheet Pack

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I’ve decided to put all the phrase sheets I have made for CAE writing part 2 together in one pack that I can print out and give to my students in preparation for them sitting the exam in June. Download the pack below:



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4 thoughts on “CAE Writing Part 2: Phrase Sheet Pack

  1. Thank you very much for your great job!! And for sharing!!!

    All best,


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  2. Hi Tim, regular visitor to your site and really appreciate everything that you share. These writing packs are going to be a great resource for students! sorry for posting this publicly but I couldn’t find a contact to send you a PM. Possible typo alert in letters of application greetings “To whom ‘in’ my concern”. Thanks for sharing all your awesome hard work. G. (please feel free to moderate, delete this comment).

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