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Where do you stand? Science & Technology

Technology and Science | Study Abroad Life

This is another edition of my “Where do you Stand?” conversation series. Students debate different topics related to science and technology but must rate their opinion on a scale from 1-6 before they begin the discussion. Download the PowerPoint and student handout below:

If you want to use it with B2 students you could use this phrase sheet.

Credit to Owlcation for some of the debate topics:


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  1. Hi Tim,

    First of all, I use your website a lot, and love all your resources – so thank you!

    I don´t know why, but sometimes some of your documents aren´t printable. I was unable to print this one, for example, and also the C1/C2 Killer Expressions Questions doc. Not sure if you have any idea why, but just to let you know.

    Thank you again for the wonderful resources!

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