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C1 Advanced: Key Word Transformation Mega Test

Key word transformations interactive worksheet

This is a loooong worksheet for students preparing to take the C1 Advanced exam, it has 82 key word transformation questions. I’ve basically just taken this great quizlet set and copy pasted it into a Google Doc, but it took a while so hopefully it’ll save you some time. Download the handout and answer key below:

Here are the PDFs:

I’ve also started work on a quizziz game based on the mega test.

I have a group who are taking the exam in 3 weeks so they want lots of practice, so I gave them this sheet with 78 expressions on it to study on Monday and told them to study it. Now I’m going to have them do the first 1/3 of the test in class today (Wednesday).

I’ll then send them the quizlet link so they can do spaced repetition at home.


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  1. Wow! This looks great! Unfortunately, I can’t see it. After downloading it, it opens in Words, but I can’t see anything. Strange! Has this happened to anybody else? Any ideas on what might be the problem? Thanks, James

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