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Proficiency Phrase of the Day #13: Bury One’s Head in the Sand

Today’s phrase is…

To bury one’s head in the sand

Introduce the expression to your students with some examples.

When it comes to climate change, most governments are burying their heads in the sand and just going on as normal.

You can’t just bury your head in the sand, your symptoms are bad, you should see a doctor.

The expression means: to avoid or ignore unpleasant facts even though they might have a bad effect on you in the future.

Put students in small groups and have them ask and answer these questions. Encourage them to use the phrase of the day:

  1. Apart from climate change, are there any other major issues that you think governments are refusing to face up to?
  2. How do you normally deal with potentially scary news or information? Do you face up to it? Or try to avoid thinking about it or discussing it?
  3. How do you normally deal with strange symptoms or other health problems? Do you get them checked out? Or ignore them and hope they go away?

Here’s the Quizlet set of all the previous phrases of the day.


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