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Proficiency Phrase of the Day #22: All of a sudden…

Today’s phrase is…

All of a sudden

Introduce it with some examples:

All of a sudden, the power went out and we were left in complete darkness.

We were driving along the highway when all of a sudden a deer ran out in front of us.

Lead students to the meaning: suddenly/unexpectedly.


  • Have you ever had a near miss while travelling in a car/bus/other vehicle? What happened?
  • Have you ever been shocked, scared or surprised by a sudden unexpected event? What happened?
  • Are you a fan of horror films? Can you remember any particularly good jump scares?
  • Invent the perfect jump scare from a horror film. The ingredients are: a spooky situation, tension building, a distraction or misdirect, the sudden appearance of something horrifying.

Here’s the Quizlet set of all the previous phrases of the day.


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