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C2 Proficiency: Key Word Transformation Ladder

This is my C2 version of a great activity I’ve seen on some other blogs. It’s a great way of giving exam prep students an engaging way to do some practice for the use of English part 4 task.

  1. Students work in pairs or groups of 4.
  2. Each group gets 5 cards with 5 key word transformations on them.
  3. They place their cards on the table to form a “ladder”
  4. Student A goes first and attempts to complete the bottom “rung”
  5. They flip the card over to check their answer.
  6. If they’re right they go up the ladder one rung and continue until they make a mistake.
  7. When/if they make a mistake they must flip over all the cards and go back to the bottom.
  8. Student B then has a go.
  9. First to reach the top of the ladder wins.
  10. The answer they give must be the exact words on the back of the card; no “más o menos”
  11. They then swap cards and start again.

Download the cards below:


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