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Podcast Brainstorming

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Hi followers, a friend, fellow teacher and sound engineer contacted me recently about starting a podcast! Being a massive fan of the genre I jumped at the offer and we’re aiming to start in the new year. The aim is to make it something accessible for students rather than a TEFL podcast for teachers. We’d like to release a 30-minute show every two weeks. The idea would be to have short recurring segments but also longer features on specific topics and activities; some of the ideas we’ve got so far include:

  • Jokes
  • Expression of the day
  • Exposure to different accents and dialects
  • Interviews with near-peer role models
  • Current affairs pieces
  • Debates
  • Film/music/book reviews
  • Investigative journalism

So I thought I’d throw it open to you guys, we welcome your help and suggestions. The main points we want suggestions for are:

  • Content, features, recurring segements
  • A name for the podcast! Can’t think of any! (We’ve already thought of Poddy McPodcastface)

All suggestions welcome!!

Love from Tim, Ben and Katy!


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11 thoughts on “Podcast Brainstorming

  1. Nice idea. For my adult learners, I’d be particularly interested in having some podcasts accessible for beginners or elementary level people. These are difficult to find. Thanks and good luck.

  2. I did a series of 24 TV programmes out in Spain for English students. All the programmes except the last two are totally in English and could be at your disposal if you wish. If you are interested I can send you the link to see them on youtube

  3. What about PodcastEng? pronounced Podcasting! Although poddy McPodface is obviously better!! What about including a story in episodes like charles Dickens?

    1. in all seriousness though, I’m game. Anytime you need any information on Ireland, folk music, or just a short opinion piece, I’d be glad to help.
      And of course it would be very handy for classroom use.

  4. Sounds awesome! Would be great if you guys could also include a transcript with each episode, and maybe some shorter 5-10 minutes ones too (or just divide the 30 minute podcast up into clearly defined segments so that teachers can get their students to listen to just a small portion)

  5. Good idea! I have learned a lot from Notes in Spanish hosted by Ben and Marina, and if there was a podcast of similar quality for English language learners, I would be happy to recommend it to my clients. Best wishes!

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