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Podcast Brainstorming

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Hi followers, a friend, fellow teacher and sound engineer contacted me recently about starting a podcast! Being a massive fan of the genre I jumped at the offer and we’re aiming to start in the new year. The aim is to make it something accessible for students rather than a TEFL podcast for teachers. We’d like to release a 30-minute show every two weeks. The idea would be to have short recurring segments but also longer features on specific topics and activities; some of the ideas we’ve got so far include:

  • Jokes
  • Expression of the day
  • Exposure to different accents and dialects
  • Interviews with near-peer role models
  • Current affairs pieces
  • Debates
  • Film/music/book reviews
  • Investigative journalism

So I thought I’d throw it open to you guys, we welcome your help and suggestions. The main points we want suggestions for are:

  • Content, features, recurring segements
  • A name for the podcast! Can’t think of any! (We’ve already thought of Poddy McPodcastface)

All suggestions welcome!!

Love from Tim, Ben and Katy!