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Holidays and Travelling Conversation Class


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Holidays and Travelling Conversation Class

This lesson works well with a range of levels, from A2- C1. It can be used to practice for the FCE or CAE speaking exam collaborative task section. Everybody loves talking about travelling and holidays.

You will need these pictures:!239&authkey=!ADvu5kRUUPylICk

And this handout:!240&authkey=!ABZL5DMHal7REDA

First put students in groups to discuss the following questions:

When was your last holiday?

Where did you go?

Who did you go with?

How did you get there?

Then brainstorm different types of holidays and different ways to travel on the board.

Project the pictures from the file above and elicit the vocabulary. This can be fun with lower levels, going from backpack to backpacking to backpacker. Hitchhiking – hitchhiker etc.

Once you have pre-taught all the vocabulary put the students in groups to discuss the questions on the handout.

Wrap up:

Students report back to the class about other group members responses. A chance to practice reported speech for higher levels.

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Travel Phrasal Verbs Activity


Activity using some phrasal verbs to plan a weekend.

Target language:

Pick somebody up

Can you pick me up from the train station at 6 o’clock?

Drop somebody off

Ok, no problem I will drop you off at your hotel.

Check in / out

I’ll check in at the hotel.

Freshen up

After travelling all day I will need to freshen up.

Meet up with

Then I want to meet up with some old friends.

Eat out

We will eat out in a posh restaurant.

Show somebody around

On Saturday I will show you around the city.

Look around

We want to look around the old town.

Pre teach phrasal verbs then students make a plan for my Mum’s visit (see below), best plan and one with most phrasal verbs wins. Depending on time make a plan for my brother, or set this as homework.

Copy and distribute the following to the students:

My Mum is coming to visit for the weekend but due to an emergency I can’t spend time with her. I need you to meet her at the airport and entertain her for the weekend. Here are the details of her trip:

  • Her flight lands at 18:00 on Friday night.
  • She’s staying at the Hotel Colon.
  • She wants to try local specialities.
  • She loves opera.
  • She loves history.
  • She wants to buy some presents for her friends back home.
  • She wants to get a tan.
  • Her flight back to England leaves at 21:00 on Sunday night.

Make a plan for the weekend using the phrasal verbs we have studied.

Details for my brother’s trip:

My brother has recently split up with his girlfriend. He wants to come to the city for a good time and forget all his troubles. However, because of an emergency I cant spend the weekend with him. I need you to meet him at the airport and entertain him for the weekend.

  • His flight lands at 17:00 on Friday afternoon.
  • He is staying at Hostel de Raval.
  • He wants to get a taste of the city’s night-life.
  • He wants to meet new people, maybe even a lady!
  • He likes partying!
  • He also likes architecture.
  • He doesn’t like foreign food.
  • His flight leaves at 20:00 on Sunday night.

Write a plan for his weekend for homework using as many of the phrasal verbs as you can.