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Travel Phrasal Verbs Activity


Activity using some phrasal verbs to plan a weekend.

Target language:

Pick somebody up

Can you pick me up from the train station at 6 o’clock?

Drop somebody off

Ok, no problem I will drop you off at your hotel.

Check in / out

I’ll check in at the hotel.

Freshen up

After travelling all day I will need to freshen up.

Meet up with

Then I want to meet up with some old friends.

Eat out

We will eat out in a posh restaurant.

Show somebody around

On Saturday I will show you around the city.

Look around

We want to look around the old town.

Pre teach phrasal verbs then students make a plan for my Mum’s visit (see below), best plan and one with most phrasal verbs wins. Depending on time make a plan for my brother, or set this as homework.

Copy and distribute the following to the students:

My Mum is coming to visit for the weekend but due to an emergency I can’t spend time with her. I need you to meet her at the airport and entertain her for the weekend. Here are the details of her trip:

  • Her flight lands at 18:00 on Friday night.
  • She’s staying at the Hotel Colon.
  • She wants to try local specialities.
  • She loves opera.
  • She loves history.
  • She wants to buy some presents for her friends back home.
  • She wants to get a tan.
  • Her flight back to England leaves at 21:00 on Sunday night.

Make a plan for the weekend using the phrasal verbs we have studied.

Details for my brother’s trip:

My brother has recently split up with his girlfriend. He wants to come to the city for a good time and forget all his troubles. However, because of an emergency I cant spend the weekend with him. I need you to meet him at the airport and entertain him for the weekend.

  • His flight lands at 17:00 on Friday afternoon.
  • He is staying at Hostel de Raval.
  • He wants to get a taste of the city’s night-life.
  • He wants to meet new people, maybe even a lady!
  • He likes partying!
  • He also likes architecture.
  • He doesn’t like foreign food.
  • His flight leaves at 20:00 on Sunday night.

Write a plan for his weekend for homework using as many of the phrasal verbs as you can.


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  2. My students loved this : ) First I had them make as many phrasal verbs as they could from a list of verbs and prepositions on the board, then we reviewed the definitions of the travel-related ones and finished with the visiting relative activity. Thanks for sharing this plan!

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