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FCE film review composition task

This is a homework task for FCE students based around film reviews.

Here is the handout to download:!253&authkey=!AFM9pLBigh4FSh0

Here you have a template:

Paragraph 1: Describe genre, actors and a personal opinion

“The Matrix is one of the most entertaining science fiction films I have seen.”

“It has great special effects and action sequences”

“It stars Keanu Reeves as Neo.”

Paragraph 2: Talk about setting, brief plot description and opinion on acting.

“the film is set in the future, in a world controlled by machines”

“the plot is a little complicated and confusing”

“Keanu Reeves is surprisingly good as Neo.”

Paragraph 3: Talk about Special effects or action sequences.

“the special effects are stunning”

“the action scenes are very well choreographed”

Paragraph 4: Would you recommend this film? Who to?

“I would recommend this film to anyone who likes science fiction because…….”


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