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10 CAE Phrasal Verbs

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This is a worksheet for C1 students in which they learn 10 phrasal verbs and put them into practice in conversation. Download the worksheet and key below:

CAE Phrasal Verbs

CAE Phrasal Verbs key

Definition Match

Match the phrasal verbs in bold with the definitions below.

  1. I told him to stop texting his ex-girlfriend but he didn’t act on my advice and now his new girlfriend has found out!
  2. Remember to back all your important files up on a pendrive so you don’t lose them.
  3. What are you up to this weekend? The children are very quiet upstairs, they must be up to
  4. He broke the cake up into 4 pieces and shared them out. The teacher ran down to the playground and broke up the fight.
  5. There are 100 protestors outside calling for the president’s resignation.
  6. The match has been called off due to the torrential rain.
  7. I need to throw so much stuff away, I have tonnes of books cluttering up my room.
  8. While I was cleaning out the attic I came across my old secondary school photo album, it’s so funny.
  9. I’ll come round after school and drop the books off.
  10. I’m finding it hard to cope with the amount of homework they teacher keeps giving me.
a.       Pay a quick visit

b.      divide into parts/end/separate

c.       demand

d.      fill untidily

e.      save a copy

f.        follow a recommendation

g.       cancel

h.      deliver

i.         find unexpectedly

j.        do something  (sometimes something you shouldn’t do)

k.       manage/deal with

Picture Match

Match the phrasal verbs above to the pictures.  -pictures only show up on word doc :(-

Gap-fill Questions

Complete the questions with one of the phrasal verbs and then ask them to your partner.

  1. Do you usually ______ _______ your parents’ advice? Why? Why not? Have you ever not _______ ______ some advice and regretted it later?
  2. Is your room _________ ______ like the one in the picture above? If so what is it ___________ _____ with? Books? Clothes?
  3. Do people ever ___________ __________to your house unannounced?
  4. What’s the best way to ________ ________ a fight? Have you ever done it?
  5. How do you get to class? Do you travel alone or does someone _______ you ________ in a car?
  6. Do you always ________ ________ important files? If so where do you keep them? Have you ever lost an important document or file?
  7. When was the last time you ________ _________ something from your childhood that you hadn’t seen for ages?
  8. What does the political situation in your country at the moment _______ _______?
  9. What _______ you _______ ________ this weekend? What bad things did you used to get ______ ______ when you were younger?
  10. Can you ________ __________ the amount of work you have to do at the moment? What do you do to relieve stress?


Definition Match

  1. F
  2. E
  3. J (be up to can simply mean “do something” but can also mean “do something naughty”)
  4. B
  5. C
  6. G
  7. D
  8. I
  9. A+H
  10. K

Picture Match

Come round Drop off Come across Back up
Break up Call off Call for Clutter up


Gap-fill questions

  1. Act on
  2. Cluttered up (x2)
  3. Come round
  4. Break up
  5. Drop off
  6. Back up
  7. Came across
  8. Call for
  9. Are you up to + up to
  10. Cope with


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