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2 Ts in a Pod: Episode 3 – Food Glorious Food! Teacher’s notes


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Sorry for the delay but the teacher’s notes for episode 3 are now ready! Click the link below to download them:

Teacher’s notes Ep3 Food

We talked about food, glorious food! We interviewed Nicole Hooks and Abbi Nelliug about US Southern soul food and traditional Dominican food respectively. Nicole speaks about her southern food pop-up supper club Sarah Juliette’s Southern Kitchen. Click the link below to find out more, she’s got events coming up in the next few weeks. Also, check out the recipe for the delicious gumbo that we taste on the show. – Check out Nicole’s page – Gumbo recipe



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2 thoughts on “2 Ts in a Pod: Episode 3 – Food Glorious Food! Teacher’s notes

  1. Thanks so much for all your great materials! Here is the text from a worksheet I made for an extract (10.57 – 15.09) of this episode in case anyone else finds it useful 🙂

    1. Discuss these questions with your partner:
    • What’s your favourite comfort food?
    • What do you think a ‘supper club’ is?
    • What do you know about food from the USA? What are some traditional American dishes?

    2. First listen

    We’re going to listen to Nicole talk about her supper club. What kind of food does she serve?

    3. Second listen: listen again and answer the following questions.

    1. How long has Nicole been living in Barcelona?
    2. What did Nicole serve with the brisket?
    3. Do the supper club guests usually know each other?
    4. Where did gumbo come from?
    5. Which cultures does the dish gumbo mix?
    6. What’s the first thing you do when making gumbo?
    7. What is the holy trinity?
    8. What were the main ingredients of the gumbo that Nicole made?
    9. How does Katy express that she likes the sound of Nicole’s gumbo?

    4. Look at this quote from the audio and discuss its meaning with your partner.

    “I love to gather people around the table that are from different walks of life”

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