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C1 Advanced: Grammar Range Test

A quick, simple worksheet I’ve created for my C1 Advanced class. They’re in their second year of preparation for the exam and I just want to get an idea of their grasp of some of the typical advanced grammar points that come up in the syllabus so that I know where to focus our efforts in the coming weeks.

I’m tying it into chatting about travelling and holidays and getting them to complete an informal letter writing task. I’ve used this old worksheet that I made years ago for the homework task.

It also serves as some exam practice for part 4 of the reading and use of English paper. You could have students complete it in pairs or individually then check the answers in open class. Tell students not to worry too much if any of the structures are unfamiliar as future lessons will look at them in detail where necessary.

Download the worksheet below:

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first using the word given. You must use between 3 and 6 words, you must not change the word given.

  1. It took us 6 hours to walk up the mountain.


When we arrived at the top of the mountain _____________________ 6 hours.

  1. It was the first time I had seen such a beautiful sunset.


Never _____________________ a beautiful sunset.

  1. You mustn’t leave the vehicle while you’re on safari.


Under ______________________ of the vehicle while you’re on safari.

  1. If I went there again, I’d definitely pack warmer clothes.


Were ______________, I’d definitely pack warmer clothes.

  1. The water was so clear that we could see all the fish at the bottom.


So _______________ could see all the fish at the bottom.

  1. I enjoyed going on the roller coasters the most.


What ____________________ on the roller coasters. 

  1. We had no idea that there were man-eating sharks in the water!


Little _____________________ there were man-eating sharks in the water!

  1. I didn’t pack enough warm clothes because I didn’t know the weather would be so cold.


Had _____________________ be so cold, I would have packed more warm clothes.


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