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CAE Conditionals Worksheet

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This is a worksheet to practice some advanced conditional expressions such as as soon as/otherwise/even if.

It follows on from my previous CAE conditionals lesson plan. Download the worksheet below:

Conditionals Worksheet

Conditionals Worksheet

Complete the sentences with a word from the box.

  1. ______________ the weather improves, we’ll have to cancel the match.
  2. ______________ you won the lottery, would you keep working?
  3. ______I known you were going to get angry, I wouldn’t have mentioned it.
  4. ______ they to install a swimming pool, how many people would use it?
  5. Put on another pair of socks, _____________ you’re going to get cold.
  6. I’m not going to speak to him again, ______________ he begs me on his hands and knees.
  7. __________ you feel sick, take two of these tablets.
  8. ______________ you pay us half of the money now, we’ll give you a 5% discount.
Should       were       supposing       unless       had       even if       provided that       otherwise


Match the first half of the conditional (1-8) to the second half.

1.     Supposing I asked you out for dinner,

2.     You can have a party,

3.     I wouldn’t go on a date with him,

4.     Should you need any assistance,

5.     Make sure you close the cage door,

6.     Unless you lower your price,

7.     Were the boss to give us a pay rise,

8.     Had I not seen the warning sign,

a.     Even if he was the last man on Earth.

b.     Provided that you clean up afterwards.

c.      Don’t hesitate to call me.

d.     We might not be so grumpy all the time.

e.     The deal is off.

f.       Otherwise the hamster might escape.

g.     I would have touched the cable and been electrocuted!

h.     What would you say?





Exercise 1

  1. Unless
  2. Supposing
  3. Had
  4. Were
  5. Otherwise
  6. Even if
  7. Should
  8. Provided that

Exercise 2

  1. H
  2. B
  3. A
  4. C
  5. F
  6. E
  7. D
  8. G
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CAE Conditionals


This is a lesson plan designed to introduce some of the various conditional forms that can be tested in the CAE.

Here is the link to my prezi explaining the form and use of the different structures. I taught the structures over two hour and a half classes; in the first we did the zero, first and second conditionals and in the second the 3rd and the additional structures. For homework after the first class I set this sheet. The prezi contains sections to practice forming the structures but you will also want to do some other closed and open use activities. For example:

These great slideshows I found on the 2nd and 3rd conditional:

2nd conditional powerpoint

3rd conditional powerpoint

Fail videos for 3rd conditional practice:

This old lesson plan for 3rd conditional conversation practice.

This quizlet set on conditional key word transformations.

Interactive youtube videos:

They are great for natural use of conditional structures.

Hell Pizza zombie apocalypse adventure:

Follow up:

When setting the next writing task for your class encourage students to use at least one inverted conditional. For example:

In articles/reviews:

Try to use an inverted conditional in an anecdote or narrative: “Had it not been for Batman’s swift actions, the Joker would have conquered the city.”

In proposals:

Try to use an inverted condtional in the recommendations section you normally put in a conclusion to a proposal: “Should these recommendations be carried out, the event will be a resounding success.”

In reports:

In reports your recommendations are less likely to be followed so encourage students to use an inverted 2nd conditional: “Were the above changes to be made, the future of education in this country would be much brighter.”

What other compositons can you fit an inverted condtional into?