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CAE Use of English Revision Test

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Here’s a sentence completion worksheet with lots of common expressions and structures that come up in the CAE use of English paper. Use of English Revision Complete the sentences with 1 word:

  1. I think of him _____ a father figure.
  2. He’s my favourite uncle; I really look ____ to him.
  3. Everyone thought it would be a complete disaster but it turned _____ fine.
  4. Haha! Look at Tina, she has her jumper on back ___ _____.
  5. There were _____ over 100 people there (much more than)
  6. The company has run ______ trouble.
  7. The project is 4 weeks _______schedule, the boss is not happy.
  8. Everything is going according ____ plan.
  9. He’s making quite a ______for himself in the acting world.
  10. The police tried to prevent the protestors _____ entering the building.
  11. I think James would _______ an excellent Dad.
  12. There will be a show after dinner = Dinner will be ________ _____ a show.
  13. ____its height, this bar had 1000s of customers every night.
  14. He has promised to ______ us _____ a tour of the old town in the morning.
  15. The vandals _____ fire to the carpet and the curtains.
  16. Less people are visiting the park = there has been a _______ in the number of people visiting the park.
  17. He made a great _______ of money selling old cars.
  18. We had to stop because a _______ of cows was crossing the road.
  19. We had to walk a mile or _____ (approx.) before we found a house.
  20. I was ____ the point ____ giving up when I found it.
  21. As _____ as you eat all your vegetables you can have some ice-cream.
  22. As _____ as we know there’s no life on Mars.
  23. As _____ as you get the results, call me.
  24. As _____ as computers are concerned, I’m no expert.
  25. We are currently ____ the process of having our house done ____. (renovated)
  26. Only when I got home ___ I realise she had been flirting with me.
  27. I’d _______ not walk home alone if that’s ok.
  28. I’d _______ not to walk home alone if that’s ok.
  29. I’ve put a lot of time and effort ____ the project.
  30. My dentist has told me to cut _____ ____ fruit juice.
  31. I need a new TV, the old one takes ____ too much space.
  32. A high sugar diet can _____ to diabetes.
  33. A high fat diet can g_____ r______ t_____ obesity.
  34. This report is based ____ a survey carried ____ by members of the school council.
  35. My bicycle tires are completely worn ____, I need to get new ones.
  36. I definitely take ______ my Mum, we’re almost identical.


  1. as
  2. up
  3. out
  4. to front
  5. well
  6. into
  7. behind
  8. to
  9. name
  10. from
  11. make
  12. followed by
  13. at
  14. take on
  15. set
  16. fall/drop
  17. deal
  18. herd
  19. so
  20. on of
  21. long
  22. far
  23. soon
  24. far
  25. in up
  26. did
  27. rather
  28. prefer
  29. into
  30. down on
  31. up
  32. lead
  33. give rise to
  34. on out
  35. out
  36. after

Here’s another version which includes some relative clauses:

use-of-english-revision new version

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Phrasal Verb Test FCE

This is a worksheet based on this quizlet set of essential phrasal verbs for FCE:

Download the worksheet here:

Phrasal verb test FCE

Phrasal verb test

Replace the words in brackets or complete the sentence with a phrasal verb:

  1. John and Sarah have (separated) after 20 years of marriage.
  2. I ______ up with a great idea for the summer party.
  3. We arrived at the hotel ______ ___ and had a shower.
  4. He has decided to ______ _____ ____ (smoke less) cigarettes.
  5. I brought her some flowers to _______ her____ . (make her happier)
  6. My dog went to the vet’s and they ____ ____ out some tests on him. (did)
  7. The teacher was so angry that she threw a pen at me, but after a few minutes she _____ ______. (became less angry)
  8. After his parents died his grandparents had to _____ him _____. (educate, feed, protect)
  1. We were talking on the phone when suddenly it _____ _____. (disconnected)
  2. Scientists think that the woolly mammoth ______ ______ 100,000 years ago. (became extinct)
  3. My mum _____ me _____ at school in her BMW every morning. (leaves me)
  4. John and Danny _____ _____ last week and haven’t spoken to each other since. (had a big argument)
  5. The builders are ______ ____ our house at the moment. (renovating/redecorating)
  6. I passed all my exams! I ______ ______ yesterday. (discovered)
  7. If you want to get a visa to go to the USA you have to _____ _____ lots of forms. (complete)
  8. The man who stole my bicycle ____ _____ from the police. (escaped)


  1. broken up
  2. came
  3. checked in
  4. cut down on
  5. cheer up
  6. carried out
  7. calmed down
  8. brought up
  1. cut off
  2. died out
  3. drops off
  4. fell out
  5. doing up
  6. found out
  7. fill in/out
  8. got away
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Phrasal verbs with take

Not a fantastically exciting class but the powerpoint took me ages to make, here’s the link:!205&authkey=!APrLtO3nrFOAPc0

Instructions are pretty straight forward.

  1. Show students first slide of phrasal verbs with take. They try to guess the meanings in pairs.
  2. Show them slide 3 with all the definitions. They match the definitions to the phrasal verb.
  3. Slide 4 is the answers. Students check their answers.
  4. Remaining slides contain sentences examples.

Follow this link to a flashcard set of the sentences examples on

What you do after with the phrasal verbs is up to you, maybe a composition using as many as possible or games using the flashcard set.

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Travel Phrasal Verbs Activity


Activity using some phrasal verbs to plan a weekend.

Target language:

Pick somebody up

Can you pick me up from the train station at 6 o’clock?

Drop somebody off

Ok, no problem I will drop you off at your hotel.

Check in / out

I’ll check in at the hotel.

Freshen up

After travelling all day I will need to freshen up.

Meet up with

Then I want to meet up with some old friends.

Eat out

We will eat out in a posh restaurant.

Show somebody around

On Saturday I will show you around the city.

Look around

We want to look around the old town.

Pre teach phrasal verbs then students make a plan for my Mum’s visit (see below), best plan and one with most phrasal verbs wins. Depending on time make a plan for my brother, or set this as homework.

Copy and distribute the following to the students:

My Mum is coming to visit for the weekend but due to an emergency I can’t spend time with her. I need you to meet her at the airport and entertain her for the weekend. Here are the details of her trip:

  • Her flight lands at 18:00 on Friday night.
  • She’s staying at the Hotel Colon.
  • She wants to try local specialities.
  • She loves opera.
  • She loves history.
  • She wants to buy some presents for her friends back home.
  • She wants to get a tan.
  • Her flight back to England leaves at 21:00 on Sunday night.

Make a plan for the weekend using the phrasal verbs we have studied.

Details for my brother’s trip:

My brother has recently split up with his girlfriend. He wants to come to the city for a good time and forget all his troubles. However, because of an emergency I cant spend the weekend with him. I need you to meet him at the airport and entertain him for the weekend.

  • His flight lands at 17:00 on Friday afternoon.
  • He is staying at Hostel de Raval.
  • He wants to get a taste of the city’s night-life.
  • He wants to meet new people, maybe even a lady!
  • He likes partying!
  • He also likes architecture.
  • He doesn’t like foreign food.
  • His flight leaves at 20:00 on Sunday night.

Write a plan for his weekend for homework using as many of the phrasal verbs as you can.